Our Mission

We are here for Earth!

We, as Happy Earth, are dedicated to making Earth a better (happier) place for our future generations. Our most prominent aim is to spread awareness about the different threats Earth faces today.

We believe there are many threats Earth face, whether its a threat to our climate, precious wildlife, or us humans – we are trying to fix it! We think spreading awareness about those threats through our cute and recognizable designs increases the likelihood they become resolved!

Make Earth a happier place

I am an American-Canadian who was raised in Europe. I was lucky enough to experience the beauty this planet has to offer. Now I am trying to ensure the same for future generations

Hagan Kleiser

Founder of Happy Earth

Why Happy Earth?

How we make the world Happier?

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70% of the profits are donated to a charitable cause of your choice. And with the remaining 30%, we can develop products for you.


For every 20 orders we receive, 1 tree will be planted. You save animals and the earth at the same time!

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